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What Price Bordeaux?

1 Terroir and Typicité
The Origins of Regulation
Location, Location, Location
The Appellation Contrôlée Pyramid
A Tale of Two Bordeaux
Restricting the Yield
Typicité: Interplay of Terroir and Cépage
The Bordeaux Blend
Bordeaux from Top to Bottom

2 A Sense of Place
The Origins of Wine Production in Bordeaux
The English Takeover
Anglo-French Relations
The Growth of the Médoc
From the Cru to the Château
The First “Clarets”
A Spreading International Reputation
Settlement of the Right Bank
Place and Quality

3 The Importance of Being Classified
How Good was the Classification?
It All Depends What You Mean by "Official"
Commercial Classifications Define the Médoc
Other Classifications Imitate 1855
Classifications and the Law
The Myth of the Classification

4 Wine in the Time of Classification
The Negociant’s Skill
A Pale Imitation
Contraction and Expansion
And 150 Years Later…

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