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What Price Bordeaux?

5 The Land and the Brand
Creating the Terroir
Water, Water, Everywhere
The Gravel Mounds
The Answer Lies in the Soil
The Free Trade in Land
What’s in a Name?
The Value of Classification
The Terroir and the Marque

6 Crisis and Prosperity
Plague and Pestilence
The Roots of Modern Viticulture
Ups and Downs of the Market
Aristocrats and Bourgeoisie
The Châteaux in the 19th Century
Who Owns the Châteaux?
The Conglomerates Arrive
Fame and Fortune
The Ultimate Luxury Item

7 7 Winners and Losers
Swimming in the Wine Lake
The Players on the Place de Bordeaux
The Place de Bordeaux Today
The En Primeur Game
Gambling on the Vintage
Getting the Upper Hand
Price Is the Classification
It’s the Vintage of the Century (Again)
Defying the Law of Gravity
Boom and Bust
The Fall of the Old Guard
The Future of the Place

8 8 The Price of Reputation
The World’s Most Influential Critic
The Uncorrelated Critics
The Perfect Score
Wine as a Luxury Item
The Green Glass Ceiling

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