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Wine Myths and Reality

I growing grapes
1 The Spread of the Grapevine
2 Cultivating the Vineyard
3 The Mystique of Terroir
4 Vintage Variation and Global Warming

II making wine
5 Turning Grape Juice into Wine
6 The Alchemist's Delight
7 A Thousand Cultivars Bloom

III the world market
8 Global Wine Trends
9 The International Wine Trade
10 Fraud and Scandal

IV the New World
11 North America: The Varietal Engine

12 Australia & New Zealand: Pushing The Envelope
13 Up And Coming in the Southern Hemisphere?

V the Old World
14 Bordeaux and Burgundy: Classic Rivals

15 Three Parts of Gaul: North, Rhône, and Languedoc
16 Italy: Cool North and Hot South
17 The Iberian Peninsula
18 The Hapsburg Empire: Driving on Sugar
19 From Aperitif to Dessert
20 Truth in Labeling
1 The Spread of the Grapevine
A Single Species from the East
The Phylloxera Devastation
Cultivars and Clones
Zones for Grape Growing
Millennia of Innovation

2 Cultivating the Vineyard
The Grapevine Life Cycle

From Deep Roots to Lofty Canopy
The Limits of Yield
The Acid/Sugar Playoff
The Taming of the Tannins
Man versus Machine
Going Green: Organic Viticulture
Phases of the Moon
Modern Trends

3 The Mystique of Terroir
Does the Answer Lie in the Soil?
Licking the Slate
From Pompei to Clos Vougeot
Marketing the Terroir
Is Terroir Immutable?
Draining the Marshes
Terraforming the Mountains
Stress and the Single Grapevine
Garagistes and other Counter-Terroirists
The Far Reaches of Terroir
Does Terroir Matter?

4 Vintage Variation and Global Warming
The Origins of Vintage
Vintage Variation
Vintage versus Blending
The Temperature's Rising
Matching the Climate
Harvesting the Vine
Is Global Warming the Enabler?
Convergence of Styles