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Wine Myths and Reality

I growing grapes

1 The Spread of the Grapevine

2 Cultivating the Vineyard
3 The Mystique of Terroir
4 Vintage Variation and Global Warming

II making wine

5 Turning Grape Juice into Wine

6 The Alchemist's Delight
7 A Thousand Cultivars Bloom

III the world market
8 Global Wine Trends

9 The International Wine Trade
10 Fraud and Scandal

IV the New World

11 North America: The Varietal Engine

12 Australia & New Zealand: Pushing The Envelope
13 Up And Coming in the Southern Hemisphere?

V the Old World

14 Bordeaux and Burgundy: Classic Rivals

15 Three Parts of Gaul: North, Rhône, and Languedoc
16 Italy: Cool North and Hot South
17 The Iberian Peninsula
18 The Hapsburg Empire: Driving on Sugar
19 From Aperitif to Dessert
20 Truth in Labeling
5 Turning Grape Juice into Wine
From Vineyard to Fermentation
Good Yeast and Bad Yeast
Chaptalization: Turning Sugar into Alcohol
The Mysteries of Malolactic Fermentation
Heavier than Air
Filtration: Stripping the Wine?
You Can't Taste the Color
In the Pink Sulfur
Dioxide: the Essential Preservative
Residual Sugar
Natural Wine or Unnatural Practices?
6 The Alchemist's Delight
Alcohol: Finding the Sweet Spot
Acidity: Essential But Not Too Much
Dry Wine and the Sweet Tooth
Mega Color: Natural Additive or Snake Oil?
Wood v. Steel, Oxidation v. Reduction
Oak: Barrels, Staves, Chips, and Dust
Put a Cork In It
Turning the Screw
God Made the Wine
7 A Thousand Cultivars Bloom
Noble Varieties and Commoners
Ancient Origins and Newbies
Cépage Plus Terroir Equals Typicité
The Bitterness of the Super-taster
Aromas of Grapes and Wine
The Bell Peppers of Cabernet
Syrah or Shiraz?
The Ancient Pinot Family
Anything but Chardonnay
Herbaceous Sauvignon Blanc
The Petrol of Riesling
The Grapes of Muscat
Deus ex Machina
Engineering the Grapevine
The End of Evolution?