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Wine Myths and Reality

I growing grapes
1 The Spread of the Grapevine
2 Cultivating the Vineyard
3 The Mystique of Terroir
4 Vintage Variation and Global Warming

II making wine
5 Turning Grape Juice into Wine
6 The Alchemist's Delight
7 A Thousand Cultivars Bloom

III the world market
8 Global Wine Trends
9 The International Wine Trade
10 Fraud and Scandal

IV the New World
11 North America: The Varietal Engine

12 Australia & New Zealand: Pushing The Envelope
13 Up And Coming in the Southern Hemisphere?

V the Old World
14 Bordeaux and Burgundy: Classic Rivals

15 Three Parts of Gaul: North, Rhône, and Languedoc
16 Italy: Cool North and Hot South
17 The Iberian Peninsula
18 The Hapsburg Empire: Driving on Sugar
19 From Aperitif to Dessert
20 Truth in Labeling
14 Bordeaux and Burgundy: Classic Rivals
All Bordeaux is Divided into Three Parts

Châteaux, Negociants, and You
A Panoply of Classifications
Terroir and Classification in the Médoc
Second Wines versus Brands
Garage Sales
Burgundy: the Reign of Terroir
The Artisanal Scale
The Old, the New, and the Brutal
Rendement de Base: a Farce in Three Parts
1855 And All That
Terroir is for Ever
Beaujolais: Nouveau Tarnished
15 Three Parts of Gaul: North, Rhône, and Languedoc
Everything is Under Control
Cool Climate Variations in the Loire
Conflicts of Style in Alsace
The Brouhaha about Grand Crus
Focus on AOC in the Northern Rhône
The Warm Sun of the Southern Rhône
Languedoc: Transformation of the Midi
Everything is Forbidden Unless it is Permitted
16 Italy: Cool North and Hot South
Tar and Roses

Modernists versus Traditionalists
The Ranks of Tuscany
Savage Sangiovese
The Hills of Chianti
Bordeaux by the Sea
Two Valpolicella in Verona
Interdenominational Whites
The Rustic South
Arrivederci DOC?
17 The Iberian Peninsula
Spain: from Airén to Tempranillo

Rioja and the French Connection
The New Rioja
Ribera del Duero: Beyond Vega Sicilia
The Bulls of Toro and Priorat
Portugal: Rescuing a Derelict Industry
18 The Hapsburg Empire: Driving on Sugar
German Gothic: Confusing Labels and Styles
In Pursuit of Dryness
Riesling Purity: the Rheingau and Mosel
Liebfraumilch Isn't What it Used to Be
The Austrian Niche
Ripeness Über Alles
Terraces and Plantations
Grüner Veltliner: A Grape that's Much Misunderstood
The Sweetness of Terroir
19 From Aperitif to Dessert
The Margins of Winemaking
The Joy of Bubbles
Marketing Triumph
Blending through the Solera
The Flor on Top
Boom and Bust
Almacenistas and the Move to Quality
Up the Douro
The Colors of Port: Ruby, Tawny, and Vintage
To Fortify or Not To Fortify
Rotten to the Core
Concentration, Desiccation, and Crystallization
Tokaji from the Ashes
20 Truth in Labeling