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Pinot Noir is a uniquely challenging grape with an unrivalled ability to reflect the character of the site where it grows. Winemakers all over the world have set out in search of the Holy Grail: to repeat Burgundy’s success with Pinot Noir. Benjamin Lewin travels from Burgundy through the other cool climates of Europe where Pinot Noir is grown, to the West Coast of North America, and to Australasia in search of the true Pinot Noir.

In Search of Pinot Noir investigates the changing character of Burgundy, asks what happens to Pinot Noir outside of Burgundy, and examines how the wines of each region age. How far are styles of Pinot Noir inside and outside of Burgundy due to terroir and how far are they influenced by winemaking? Extensive tasting notes address these issues and complement discussion of the regions where Pinot Noir is grown.

Is Pinot Noir uniquely successful in Burgundy or have other regions in Europe or the New World succeeded in their challenge? Can Pinot Noir really achieve its full complexity only on limestone soils, or does it produce equally interesting expressions in other terroirs? Is there only one true path for Pinot Noir or have plantings in new places revealed alternative truths for this fascinating grape? What is the ultimate Pinot Noir?